Breathe in, 

Breathe out,

There’s life, 

Running inside those veins. 

Breathe in,

Breathe out,

There’s life, 

Pulsating again and again.

Breathe in, 

Breathe out,

There’s life, 

In the expansion of the lungs. 

Breathe in, 

Breathe out,

There’s life.



Enroute to Eldoret-Home sweet home

Song: Tokyo Improv- Fkj at Redbull Studios


So tell me,

Beautiful child,

what is there to lose,

under this beautiful starry sky,

where you can almost reach out and touch,

the glitter splayed against the dark canvas?





Song: So much to me by FKJ


Peace begins with your thoughts, words and actions…

You cannot go on an excursion to find peace.  It is not handed to you by your sister, brother and friend, because they too are searching. 

It begins with you. Within you. Be peace.


Nairobi, Kenya 

Song:Exchange-Bryson Tiller 


Recently, I watched a documentary about tsunamis and how the energy it holds moves through the ocean at a speed of 805km/h. Today however, I had an encounter with a different sort of tsunami…fear.

My day was going well. Running errands in the city in the sun,headphones plugged in. It was lunch time, time to do my favorite ‘waiting for government offices to get off their lunch break’ activity-sit down on a public bench, eat a sandwich and watch people going on with their routines. It was a beautiful sight,workmates walking from their offices off to lunch, some ladies carrying a TV wrapped as a gift and a guy bent over tying his shoelaces. 

Then came the screams. 

Fight vs flight mode kicks in. First thing…assess your surroundings, where is the issue coming from? Where are you running off to?  I could almost see the fear move from person to person…like water particles crashing into each other. An energy. Then it hit me.  

Flight…flight…flight. Run towards the calm. 



Nairobi, Kenya.

No music 

The plurality of human existence- mine

I’m not just Kalenjin.

I am a lady,with a family and friends,

A leader in different aspects,

A lover of art, music, dancing, wine, good food, beautiful destinations.

I am not just Kalenjin, 

I am a scholar at times, 

A creative at others, 

A student most of the times,

And a teacher when need be.

I am not just a Kalenjin, 

I’m spiritual, 




I’m not just Kalenjin.
This piece has been inspired by a book that is currently in my life- one that speaks about identity. You see, in my country, we are easily divided along tribal lines based on political ideologies and practices that are related to each sub-group.  

However, that is not the only line in which I or anyone else can identify with is it?  I like pinapples on my pizza,and drink very little milk,jazz is beautiful on a Sunday afternoon or Saturday evening sitting in a nice restaurant with a couple of my friends sipping on wine. Watching comedies makes my heart leap with joy while watching people suffer from poverty, disease,political brainwashing and wars hurt so bad. But I’m not the only one who loves these things am I? 

No. The answer is No. I identify with all the people who love dancing in the rain, taking a stroll by the beach, running around with kids, buying already chopped vegetables from the vegetable vendor, eating roasted maize with masala during cold evenings. 

My identity is multifaceted, made up of all the things that make me me. And this is replicated in every individual in this blessed country and world. 


I am not just Kalenjin. 

1910 hrs,

Kiambu, Kenya.

Song: None today 

Book: Identity and Destiny 



My favorite musician,Mr.Bob Marley- one of the ones that resonates with my heart says “Everyone will hurt you, it’s for you to find the ones worth suffering for”. 

It’s true that it’s easy to close yourself up and be emotionless, and not feel. I do that all the time,to ensure that these emotions don’t cloud my sense of judgment.  At my age, I’ve succeed about 30-40% of the time. That’s not such a high score is it? Well, back to the matter at hand. 

To feel is to be alive, I believe. And to know what and why you are feeling is to live. 

See , numbing yourself to the painful feeling is numbing yourself to the beautiful feeling.  However, understanding where these feelings are arising from and what triggers these feelings, is to understand what makes you tick,and that the tick might be positive or the tick might be negative. 

The positive tick or as Bob would say, “Some positive vibration” is something I describe as a warm tingly feeling of excitement. It’s usually caused by the things that make you feel alive, for example, family, love, good music, good sex, good company, good fortune, pride towards your achievements,abundance, dancing, singing…continue listing them in your head. These are the things you should do more of, and allow yourself to feel whenever the sensation arises. 

In comes the negative tick. The feeling(s) can be described as heavy, painful, cold or plain uncomfortable. Caused by fear, sadness, hurt, betrayal, disappointment…continue listing them in your head. It’s okay to feel these things when they arise, because they always do .

Understanding what each of these feelings explain is what I’m beginning to recognize as ’emotional intelligence’. And,using these feelings to guide you through life and your interaction with your immediate environment; which includes animate and inanimate objects is something that is worth learning. 



Nairobi, Kenya. 

Song: Affairs of the heart-Damian Marley (Such a coincidence hehe)