I have decided to conduct an experiment. Hopefully this experiment will change how many of us view the world. It will affect many lives, especially mine and that of the people around me. I am building a garden. I have no idea what you call such gardens, those that lie on the 3rd floor of an apartment building, with two chairs and a table; a piece of tranquility in the middle of this chaotic city that drains our very being. Waking up at 4 to beat the traffic, slave for the day and come home to a family that is even more tired. This is the first time I am writing and these articles may end up being bland but please bear with me.
I would like to thank some special people for encouraging me to pursue this idea; Ella who listens to all my crazy ideas and Eugene who loves me and provided the space for me to conduct the experiment. I love you.
So, this experiments main objective is to test human beings relation with nature and all its beauty. I will plant flowers and create a green spot on the seventh floor of a noisy apartment building in Pangani, Nairobi. I hope to observe how my friends and neighbors will respond to having a bit of nature close to them. If they spend more time sitting in the garden reading a book or sipping tea on the table and chairs that will be setup and if the neighbors will say hello once in a while or that we will keep flipping through channels, nursing hangovers and being on our phones.
The six months will be documented using photos and videos showing the transition of the balcony and how we react to its presence in our lives.
I hope that this study will be significant to someone somewhere and that it will encourage human beings reconnection with nature and a part of greening our cities. If you are interested in conducting this with me but in a different location, do not hesitate to email me on

Thank you