On Green Spaces, beautiful spaces.

As the title suggests, green spaces are indeed, beautiful spaces.  They are a sweet escape from the sometimes harsh realities of life. They are places where people of all ages, religions and social backgrounds go to be with one with nature. To decompress,to express, to laugh, to pray and to be at one with nature and God.

These wonderful spaces are essential for our existence; for the health of our bodies,minds and soul. It is in green spaces where hard decisions are logically thought through ,new friendships formed, relationships cemented and families love shown. They are where children run around and laugh out loud, and discover the beauty of their natural surroundings.It is here, where I am writing this from, that we discover our truest selves; in oneness with nature and God.

I am seated on my favorite bench at the Nairobi Arboretum, in Nairobi, Kenya. Munching away on a  sweet watermelon slice. It is noon, on a warm Easter day. On my left, there is a couple, deep in prayer. On my right, a group of youths having a team building activity. Behind me, a young family, with the mother chasing after her beautiful baby, who is running around with a stick, and giggling his little heart away. Within  the confines of this one hundred year old forest, lies so much life, so much hope and so much love. It is in nature that man appreciates the gift of today, the present.

Imagine the world without trees. What a boring, bland existence. Imagine a city without green spaces; chocking. Chocking the mind, chocking the body,chocking our families, chocking our society. I cannot imagine this, I do not want to.

Green spaces are essential for our existence as a country and in my opinion should be embraced as a way to heal and build our nation. We need more green spaces in our cities, for the sake of our society, friendships, families and for ourselves. A breath of fresh air. Go to a green space near you and, breathe in, breathe out.





The Nairobi Arboretum,

Nairobi, KENYA.

Song(I listen to music while writing): Whilk & Misky-Clap your hands.



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