This is a special dedication to you, Mother Earth,

For giving in plenty,

For blessing us with your beauty,

For abundance,

For Water,





This is a special thank you,

For your patience,

When we grab and plunder,

For when our greed exceeds our needs.

For the special reminders,



That we are not in control,

That we are your children,

Who at times need some disciplining.


This is a promise to you mother,

That we are mending our ways,

Your lessons, for respect of your abundance,

Passed down from generation to generation,

Will not go in vain.

We shall correct our ways,

For the sake of a balance,

For our future generations,

For continuity.


Thank you Mother Earth,

Thank you.


Forever yours,





22/04/2017(Earth Day)

Nairobi, Kenya.

Song: Beasts of no nation-Fela Anikulapo Kuti



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