Broken Telephone

Ring a ding,

My name is broken telephone,

Words on the line,

Some true,some false,

You decide.

Ring a ding,

I heard that he said she said,

That she said he said,

Oh yes! You better beLIEve.

Ring a ding,

Let’s get our undies in a bunch,

He’s an arse isn’t he?

She’s a female dog isn’t she?

Ring a ding,

Ring a ding,

Ring a ding.

Is it a lie?

Is it the truth?

Well…let’s not get it from the horses mouth,

Because, broken telephone.
This piece is inspired by a game my friends and I used to play as kids. The name of the game was ‘Broken Telephone’. At that point in my life, it was just a game some human came up with. Well,at this point in life,the game makes sense.

You see,we all have different versions of the truth. And at times,our truth is from what we hear from our friends,spouses and friends. Often,about each other. That is known as ‘gossip’ in our day to day life. And,gossip feels so sweet doesn’t it? It’s weird that when we talk ‘smack’ about one another,there is so much excitement in our voices. Like “OMG did you hear about how and so cheated on his wife???”. And,all of a sudden, all ears perk up. Or, ” He told me that she told him, that Mr.So and so cheated on his wife!!”. Then,the rumor spreads,changing form from one portray-er to another.

A broken telephone.
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Song: Listening to the jazz drive on 98.4 Capital FM.


Broken hearts and cold Nairobi mornings.

Let me know,

Where do all the broken hearts go?

To find solace,

To heal?
And,these hearts,

Do they carry heavy burdens, heaved on their backs?

Do they look around and grab at the broken pieces?

When they get there,

To that place,

Do they sit on their own?

Licking their cracks,

Hugging themselves?


Are they joined by other broken hearts,

To heal together?
Let me know,

Where the broken hearts go,

So I can go,

And heal mine.


PS: The image featured here is an art piece,known as ‘The Kiss’ by one Gustav Klimt. It’s an artistic expression of a love story;Apollo and Laurens from the works of Ovid,a Roman poet who lived during the middle ages and the Renaissance. The story is quite interesting, you can check it out sometime.


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11:10am, 5th May 2017

My desk at work,Nairobi,Kenya.

Song: Me,U&Hennessey- DeJ Loaf

I don’t know what title to give this. Change? Change maker? Purpose?¬†

Sigh. It’s about time for us to be independent. Kenya,I am speaking to you. How many years has it been,since that night in 1963,where we got our land back..or at least that’s what we thought. It’s about time we stopped being dependent, a little bit too dependent on international aid. Money masked as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We are capable of so much. Have you ever seen how creative we get when something dramatic happens? The number of memes,songs,jokes that come out of an ‘extraordinary’ occurrence is astonishing. We can use the same creativity to solve our problems, can’t we? Maybe our first step is to look outside ourselves, distance yourself from yourself, look outside, at your community. Identify a problem…empathize…investigate and create a solution.

Anyone can become a changemaker,an innovator,a leader. I promise. And the beauty is,you can bring change in whatever sector,whatever community. All it needs is a paradigm shift, a personal commitment and a shitload of prayer.

I recommend you to read up on the following terms, if you would like to take up this challenge,or feel like this might be your purpose in life. As a newbie/future change maker,we can do this!!


1.Social innovation

2.Change maker

3.Design thinking

4.Social entrepreneurship

5.Growth mindset


My desk,at work,Nairobi, Kenya.

Song: Africa by Salif Keita(Such a nice coincidence)