Self control,

Is a foreign word,

When it comes to my dear jelly.

I like it orange,

I like it watermelon,

My sweet jelly.

I like it cold,

Straight out the freezer,

My sweet,sweet…jelly.

So hand it over,

Give me that,

Sweet sweet jelly.




Song: Music while watching the boys-Lana Del Rey



Tear down those walls,

So I can see,

All the beautiful gems,

That are held within.






Quite a cold day, outside my window. It’s calm, quiet and very relaxed… day after the general elections.There is a nursery rhyme I used to teach to my little students back in a beautiful nursery school in Eldoret,Kenya.Here is a new rendition,for a much older crowd.

Oh be careful little eyes what you see. Because, often, nothing appears as it is.

Oh be careful little ear what you hear. Because, things get lost in translation.

Oh be careful little hands what you do. Because, you hold your future.

Oh be careful little feet where you go. Because, you lead.

Oh be careful little mouth what you say. Because, words are prayers.




Nairobi, Kenya.

Song: Vivaldi-Four seasons(Winter)




Throw the glass on the wall!

Send that hateful text!

Slap her face!


Burn the house down!

Shoot his foot!

Cut him!













Once upon a long ago, I was 3, and my mum took me to this school. The details of that day still linger in my mind. The school, with a single building  that was cream in color, a small turtle(which was our school pet), a big ‘Mzambarau’ tree, red monkey bar and a beautiful headmistress. I remember my first friend, his name was George, perhaps the most naughty boy I’ve had the chance of meeting. We held hands, all day long, he was my safe haven in this new place, my first conscious recognition of the learning process.

Over the years, my definition of learning has evolved; from the visual aided, and repetition of words spoken by my first teacher. To, a process that takes place on a daily basis.

Have you ever been in a situation or experience where all you can think is ‘What the actual hell is going on?’ Well, it happens a lot, to each one of us. And most of the time, we feel like it’s a shitty occurrence, and that life sucks. Then, there are those days that our heads are in the clouds; because everything is going on well, the sun seems to be shining, and joy oh joy! Life is a beautiful thing.

Two examples of experiences that shapes our lives; relationships and our area of  trade. Often, we meet people- be it lovers or friends, and at times, they do not hang around,  but instead, exit either like a gentle breeze, or like a nasty hurricane. And, they may leave us being better, or, in the light of the moment,worse. We tend to dwell on the actions that had  brought about the separation, instead of the thing that they have taught us; about ourselves and about others. Or, there are those that stay by your side, showing you different perspectives as you grow in step. Similarly, we work in various places, with various people. You might have a wonderful boss; who wants you to keep growing, or alternatively, have an asshole-who you feel is constantly out to get you. But, what did you get out of that process? Did you grow you network? Did you learn a new skill? Did you visit a country? Did you realize that you are good at one thing and suck at another? What did you learn?

To live is to learn, at least that is what I have come to believe, and try to practice on a daily basis. And truth be told, moving from a previously fixed mindset to one that is trying to view things in a new perspective is not easy. But I believe, it will be worth it, some day.

So…let us sit down at the end of this cold day, and write down 2 things we have learned, as tiny as they may be. Because, to live is to learn.




Nairobi, Kenya.

Song: Attention by Charlie Puth