The plurality of human existence- mine

I’m not just Kalenjin.

I am a lady,with a family and friends,

A leader in different aspects,

A lover of art, music, dancing, wine, good food, beautiful destinations.

I am not just Kalenjin, 

I am a scholar at times, 

A creative at others, 

A student most of the times,

And a teacher when need be.

I am not just a Kalenjin, 

I’m spiritual, 




I’m not just Kalenjin.
This piece has been inspired by a book that is currently in my life- one that speaks about identity. You see, in my country, we are easily divided along tribal lines based on political ideologies and practices that are related to each sub-group.  

However, that is not the only line in which I or anyone else can identify with is it?  I like pinapples on my pizza,and drink very little milk,jazz is beautiful on a Sunday afternoon or Saturday evening sitting in a nice restaurant with a couple of my friends sipping on wine. Watching comedies makes my heart leap with joy while watching people suffer from poverty, disease,political brainwashing and wars hurt so bad. But I’m not the only one who loves these things am I? 

No. The answer is No. I identify with all the people who love dancing in the rain, taking a stroll by the beach, running around with kids, buying already chopped vegetables from the vegetable vendor, eating roasted maize with masala during cold evenings. 

My identity is multifaceted, made up of all the things that make me me. And this is replicated in every individual in this blessed country and world. 


I am not just Kalenjin. 

1910 hrs,

Kiambu, Kenya.

Song: None today 

Book: Identity and Destiny 



4 Replies to “The plurality of human existence- mine”

  1. You are not the only one dear. I love all those things and other things. And we get to decide what we identify with and what we want to identify us. Or if we want an identity at all. Lol.
    This was your best one yet.

  2. I concur with you, our social identities go beyond the surface, spend time with someone and you’ll realize there is more than what meets the eyes. Dope!!

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