Broken hearts and cold Nairobi mornings.

Let me know,

Where do all the broken hearts go?

To find solace,

To heal?
And,these hearts,

Do they carry heavy burdens, heaved on their backs?

Do they look around and grab at the broken pieces?

When they get there,

To that place,

Do they sit on their own?

Licking their cracks,

Hugging themselves?


Are they joined by other broken hearts,

To heal together?
Let me know,

Where the broken hearts go,

So I can go,

And heal mine.


PS: The image featured here is an art piece,known as ‘The Kiss’ by one Gustav Klimt. It’s an artistic expression of a love story;Apollo and Laurens from the works of Ovid,a Roman poet who lived during the middle ages and the Renaissance. The story is quite interesting, you can check it out sometime.


Time stamp:

11:10am, 5th May 2017

My desk at work,Nairobi,Kenya.

Song: Me,U&Hennessey- DeJ Loaf